Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hanani Lakman : Be Tough

hye nani,
this post aku tulis just nak wish all the best pada kau
i know you already had a great discussion with your parent about our plan tu
but its okay, i think the choice yang dah dibuat sekarang pun okay dah
remember my advise
even kat mana pun kita lepas ni, kita still akan berjumpa kan
tak kisahlah you ambil mara or jpa, kita still akan berjumpa
cuma tak sekerap sekarang lah.. haha
and ingat kan blog sweet yang ada background song comel tu
even diorang duduk jauh2, but still as sweet as sugar
soo, there is no reason la untuk nak bersedih sangat cause we will still in contact
to be true, aku memang tak suka benda ni jadi
but nak buat macam mana lagi kan, maybe this is our fate
we will be separated for a quite long period i guess
and it will never be considered as a barrier for us to continue with what we've planned
maybe plan dia dah lain sikit, but in the end hopefully kita akan happy
andddd, my 7th secret tu ada lagi kan
I will stick to that nani. 

I want you to know nani, wherever you will go
I will miss you a lot! like you said, IMYSDFM.. haha
keep smiling for me and keep be beside me

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  1. Weh sweet gila kauuuuuuuuuuu !!! Menitis air mata aku baca, im grateful knowing that Nani is in a good hand! HAHAAAA